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02.01.2012. Adjective Art Gallery & Studio website goes live!

After much deliberation and collaboration, Adjective Art moves to the internet!

Several months ago we at Adjective Art decided it was time to update with the times and create a web presence. Old fashioned artists tend to think about art in the form of a painting or sculpture. Once it is worked on it needs to be completed and presented as a final piece. We have been learning the World Wide Web is not like that.

A website is "a work in progress". We are slowly realizing that it doesn't need to be done, just completed enough to provide information to our potential customers. No need to harass artists for digital copies of their work, just add sections, artists and portfolios as we go. It has been liberating to realize the limitless options available to constructing a website. We need to pause and thank Hendersonworks for their aide in helping us understand these concepts and their ability to create this beautiful site.

Finally we want to say to potential customers, welcome to Adjective Art. We'll be attempting to bring you contemporary and traditional paintings and photography for your lobby, office or home. We would like to believe we have something for everyone but understand the "descripive" nature of art. We are able to provide consultation to you, your architect or interior designer to bring your individualized project to completion.

We at Adjective Art look forward to all this new year and venture have in store for us!

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