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About Adjective Art Gallery & Studio by Zmakey

            My creative journey through ART ADJECTIVES began in the early 60’s.  A very close friend of our family had a brother who was what is now an extinct breed of human known as a beatnik.  No one understood his purpose except him and he expressed it very well through his abstract sculptures.
As a teenager, I was intrigued by his work and he explained each piece with great passion.  As we talked, I realized it was his way of expressing his feelings and emotions through his work.  Each sculpture represented something significant to his surroundings, his politics, his friendships and his life in general.
Our discussions left a lasting impression with me and they just simmered in my head until the mid 60’s when I entered college.
My first class in college was an art class taught by you guest it, a beatnik, an unusual fellow with a goatee beard and he spoke words like cool man and daddyo.  I really thought it was pretty neat until he told us to bring a roll of brown butcher paper, large containers of black and white tempera paints and two large house paint brushes to the next class. 
Then I figured he was just crazy.

Well I followed his instructions and found a very long roll of brown butcher paper, paint and the brushes and brought them back to the next class.  There were about twenty of us in the class and it was held in the long basement of a fairly new dormitory with paint all over the floor.  I just figured that previous classes were really messy.

Our Vision

Adjective Art Gallery and Studio was developed to...

discuss, display, paint and sell a wide variety of “descriptive” art. Everything from classical stylized to contemporary abstract which is realistic by expression.

What is descriptive art? By descriptive we mean art that is defined by its extraordinary expression of color, shapes and symbolism. Art that can be described by any amount of adjectives.

Our Artists

Our artists many talents shine through their individuality.

At Adjective Art we value the artist as a creative individual who expresses themselves in many ways. The medium used is as creative as the artist. Why limit an artist to paint and ink when there are so many other types of materials that can be used. Art is truly descriptive in all ways.