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About Adjective Art Gallery & Studio


Then he proceeded to have us roll out the paper for about thirty feet and instructed us to paint it leaving no brown showing.  Well we all just looked at each other not understanding the purpose of his instruction.  Then he insisted that we just have fun and express ourselves, so even though I thought it was all very stupid I complied. 

It was a lot of fun and very messy but I did not care about my clothes or my hands or the floor being covered with black and white paint because it was cool man.
Well it took us about twenty or twenty five minutes to complete the task and he began to critique our work.  That’s right I said critique, what was there to critique, it was just a big mess but he was really serious.  So one by one, he began to walk along side the long sheets of now black and white paper and proceeded to tell each one of us how terrible our work was.  When he came to my masterpiece, he continued to criticize each painful foot of it like he did to my fellow classmates until he got about ten feet in and he stopped and said someone get me a pair of scissors.  I thought he was going to cut it to shreds but instead he said now this is art.

No one was more surprised that I was, but he began to explain that it had all the qualities needed to be a good painting.  First, it had balance and structure and it did not feel like it was going to fall over.  Secondly, it had texture and unusual shapes, which added to the structure and depth of painting.  Thirdly, with the black and white overlapping you couldn’t tell which was the base so it became kind of interchangeable.  Overall it was pleasing to look at, as opposed to being unsettling and that is what we are trying to achieve as artists.

The next week we were asked to bring back our butcher paper to create other colors but this time we had to bring in the three primary colors red, blue and yellow in tempera paints and three house paintbrushes.  Well you guest it, we were asked to cover
the paper, only using the three colors with no intentional mixing to create other colors.

The teacher then began to critique our work similarly to his previous session except he was much more critical this time.  Fortunately, more students got the message and painted their paper more deliberately and he found more sections of the paper that fit his description of art.
Well when he came to my work, the criticism continued and once again, he found a section that he cut out and admired.  I was still rather confused but when he explained what I had accomplished, I finally got it and it changed my art and creative expression forever.
What he said was that it had the similar balance, structure and texture qualities as I had in the black and white painting from the previous week, however I achieved it all with the use of color.  Not only did the painting have the interchangeable base colors, it had great shapes that seemed to symbolize at least in his mind resent political events.

Well I had no intention to symbolize anything, but he said that it was non-objective art, meaning that if the observer saw something in your painting, other that what you intended, that is a good thing because it gave them something to relate to and they would generally find it pleasing.

Thus began my journey in the world of abstract, sometimes non-objective and always descriptive Adjective Art.

Our Vision

Adjective Art Gallery and Studio was developed to...

discuss, display, paint and sell a wide variety of “descriptive” art. Everything from classical stylized to contemporary abstract which is realistic by expression.

What is descriptive art? By descriptive we mean art that is defined by its extraordinary expression of color, shapes and symbolism. Art that can be described by any amount of adjectives.

Our Artists

Our artists many talents shine through their individuality.

At Adjective Art we value the artist as a creative individual who expresses themselves in many ways. The medium used is as creative as the artist. Why limit an artist to paint and ink when there are so many other types of materials that can be used. Art is truly descriptive in all ways.