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About Us

Welcome to Adjective Art Gallery and Studio. We are a collection of talented, wonderful and fun artists who create work in a number of media to suit your needs.

What’s New


Site Launch
Adjective Art launches its new site for customers to preview existing collections and contact us for special projects.

Our Vision

Our vision for Adjective Art Gallery and Studio is to be a vehicle for many artists to utilize and share their gifts. To give artists an opportunity to create, display and sell art of varying styles and techniques.


We want to discover and meet your needs! Is it color? Is it the space? Is it the lighting? Is it all of the above? Will the project require a single painting to be installed or will you need a series of images? By using the right adjectives, we want to do what is right for you.

Coming Soon


Collection Release
New collections will be released to add to our existing pieces.


Patriotic Art Contest
Prepare your art! Stay tuned for information on how to participate.